Brev från Voi, Kenya



”so in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the law and the prophets.”Mt 7,12 In the Year 2018, we had our Third stream of students from various parishes within the Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church. The following students are amoung those who will graduate this year as evangelist

1.Samuel Nzioka Kimanthi
2.Godfrey Gafo Moroa
3.Samuel Mrira Mwamutsi
4.Sara Melita Sania
5.Alfred Kimsasi  Sambai
6.Hesborn Riogi Obita
7.Edward Kilusu Makanga
8.Moses Muathe nzivo
9.Peter Hiyesa Komora
10.Elijah Johnston Muendo.

Besides the good work that we are doing, challenges are the common obstacles that sometimes derives us back and mostly is the lack of enough teaching staff. In the beginning of the year 2018, we started the teaching staff with Rev Dominic Nyambisa, but after a year, he decided to go for further studies at St Pauls University for his masters degree, but thank God that we got a retired pastor who volunteered himself to come and assist in teaching the students, his name is Rev Obed Dambala Maua


This is the final year of the academic of the students, and this is the following  events towards their graduation.
1. 2nd NOVEMBER to 6th November is EXAMS
2. 9th November to 15 th November EVANGELISM In NYANGO MISSION This is a maasai parish
3. 16 th to 20 is the Holy week for the students, and there will be worshiping and praying till 20th November
4. 21st November is the Graduation and Departure to their respective parishes.

I decided to give you the diary so that you can plan for your coming during the graduation for our students.


On behalf of Voi Lutheran Bible School, i would like to thank you, especially the leadership of ANGLEHOLM Parish, the pastor in charge Rev Magnus, Jonas, Birgitta and the entire group, you have made us proud for the work of the Lord. We are struggling to make it through your efforts for helping us financially and spiritually, through your prayers, we are getting more stronger spiritually and through your support you are making it easy to carry the daily activities of the school..

Thank you and God Bless You
Kindly Regards
Rev Manase Mkofira
Voi Lutheran Bible School Administrator