Mail från Afrika

Detta är ett mail som vi i missionsgruppen fick från Manase för någon dag sedan. Manase är präst i Voi och administratör/lärare på evangelistutbildningen i Kenya som vi i EFS-kyrkan stöttar både ekonomiskt och praktiskt. I mailet bifogar han bilder från en studieresa de gjort nyligen med klassen. Han skriver även en del och förklarar resans syfte.
Dear jonathan

many greetings from voi, we are all fine and starting the mid term Exams on Monday.the1st july, Between the 20th -23 of june , we had an Educational Tour in Mombasa to visit some Historical sites for the Early missionaries who came to Kenya, this is just to show the students how the missionaries struggle for the mission work of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.Amoung other places is the Fortjesus which was built in the year 1593 by the Portugese as a military base and also a center for starting the mission work but later the Arabs took it in a battle of war and took the centre, demolish the Chapel which is there upto date and Built a Mosque.

The other place that we visited was the Early Church built by a missionary Known as Dr Ludwig Kraph in the year 1887 in Rabai, only 20 km from Mombasa island,They got History of the Early church and even visited the Tombs, where some of them were buried. and finally we finished the trip by having an open air crusade in a place called Kambe, where many people received Jesus Christ as their savior.This was a wonderful trip for them that will strengthen their work they are going to start soon that its not easy and only the Holy Spirit will guide them.

If you will like to visit too in October, then i will plan for that.

Thank you for today, please pass my warm greetings to johanna, jarbo the Pastor in your Parish and the congregation too , we Love them and always praying to you for your support of the Bible School,hopping to meet you soon.

Thank you